7-DAY SAILING WORK TRIP from PHUKET to KOH RACHA Most incredible Thailand places.


We’re very happy to invite you to the catamaran cruise for discovery of Thailand with a route from breath-taking Phuket to marvelous Koh Racha!

For the 140 miles cruise during the 7 days, your home will be 4 cabins, 11-person catamaran (model Nautitech 40 Open, 2016)

Your new floating home and workstation will be fully equipped with everything you need to make the journey comfortable and easy-going:

  • Fully prepared kitchen,
  • Necessarily electronics
  • Deck gear plus comfort accessories (fans in cabins, barbecue, solar planet, Cd player etc.)
  • High speed Internet access 24/7

Get ready for the summer, crystal clear water and white sand beaches!

Good plan is as base for a good expedition. However, for us the most essential feeling is a freedom that’s a winds in the sails. With us everyone can feel flexible and free to bring own ideas on how to run the journey!

Start your nomad experience!

The cruise plan
#
The tour starts from Phuket the place to enjoy spectacular landscape, stunning tropical sunsets and Thai food – exotic as it is – needs no introduction.
After Phuket we sail towards the National Park in Sirinat, where the sea turtles patrol the reef and lay eggs on Hat Mai Khao! Working in surrounding of a sunny beach underneath pine trees isn’t bed, right?

#Pictures of people swimming#


The next stop is Phang Nga, heart of the Adaman Sea. After hours of work, good to relax in the course around James Bond Island and Koh Panyee!

#Picture of climbers#


Third day is Krabi; if you are into climbing, hers is something for you! This place offers great opportunity to undertake a land expedition to climb up the mountain peaks.
From Krabi we are heading to Koh Phi Phi. Remember we’re into culinary food paradise! Crossing a food tour that’s complete accessible menu features everything from beautifully presented khao soi gai ended to perfectly wok-fried local lobster.

#Picture of food#


Leave one paradise to know another by in the direction of Racha Islands consisting of, Koh Racha Yai and Koh Racha Noi. Racha Yai’s coral reef is most adventurous and exciting for diving. Shall we?

#Picture of reefs#


From Koh Racha way back to enter the port of Phuket.
Sail back to base and enjoy the last moments of our workation in Thailand.


7 days trip
Fully program
Catamaran (accommodation)
Thunder Nomads is usually tax-deductible. To make sure, please consult with your accountant.
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